DAML Wrapper

The DAMLWrapper is a C++ wrapper for the DAML+OIL API in the Jena Semantic Web Framework. The Jena ontology API is intended to support programmers working with ontologies that are based on the RDF language. Here, I focussed myself on the DAML+OIL API only.

This wrapper firstly provides a class which can be used for loading the Java Virtual Machine from within C++. Communication between the C++ side and the Java side is being done through the Java Native Interface. Next, it provides a number of classes giving you the same functionality of the Jena framework. Concepts can be made, relations between those concepts, instances of those concepts and so on.

It was intentionally written for the Jena version 1 but with Jena moving to version 2 later on, I adapted it to be used with the new version as well.