CGAT 2010 in Singapore

It were an exhausting few last weeks. After I returned from Boston, I had a couple of days to catch my breath after which I left for Malaysia. There was the CGAT 2010 conference I was planning to attend in Singapore but I decided to take some holidays before as well as after the conference. Malaysia is a great country! Lots of different things to see and do. A rich cultural heritage, magnificent rainforests and remote islands with nice beaches. An excellent mix. After little over a week having spent there, I went to Singapore to go to the conference. The conference on itself was okay. It was nice to see a lot of presentations dealing with gaming and learning. Having a few extra days in Singapore was enough to see the highlights of this beautiful island. Then, back to Malaysia again to do some scubadiving around the Perhentian Islands to end this holiday. Relaxing! ;-)