About Me


I am Bram Pellens. I am currently working for the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, as a post-doctoral researcher. My work there is mainly situated in the area of computer game development. Specifically, I am investigating approaches that facilitate the authoring of behavior in computer games and other interactive 3D applications. My own approach uses conceptual modeling techniques to elevate the specification of behavior to a higher level. Code generation from the conceptual specifications is supported.

Working in the area of game development is particularly interesting since it involves many aspects seen in computer science. For example, it allows me to get familiar with a number of different things:

  • Graphics and Interaction Design (Visualization and Virtual Environments)
  • Conceptual Modeling (UML, OO)
  • Microsoft Visual Studio, .NET, C#, WPF and WCF which are used in the development of supporting tools.
  • Design Patterns, Feature Modeling
  • Code generation using XML, XSLT
  • Scripting (ECMAScript/JavaScript, Lua)
  • ...

You can find more detailed information at my LinkedIn profile.